Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Been in Oil n Gas Co..

Suddenly teringat zaman masa kerja Oil and Gas dulu.. hahaa.. Banyak benda-benda baru yang saya kena belajar dan diajar selepas 13tahun dalam Banking.

The best part is when been given a chance to reengineer process. Memang best coz.. Oil dan Gas memang mencabar berbanding Banking yang amat teratur dan bersistematik.. 

Kna let down tu macam benda biasa je dalam kerja ni.. Betul-betul menguji hati dan perasaan. Orang yang kita dah kenal separuh hidup kita pun belum tentu nak sokong kita tengah masa2 kritikal tu.. Anyway.. Yang penting .. Kna ingat our Creator tu.. Dia pasti beri kita yang terbaik untuk jadikan kita lebih baik2 kan.. Good faith!!!
 yang bestnye.. I learnt this.... pelik kan.. banyak kerja2 top diberi pada orang yang banyak experience.. hehehee.. caya lah.

Yang penting, masa stress kita mesti stick to petua di bawah...

hehehehee.. Tok bijak bistari Albert Einstein pun 500x mencuba untuk 1 kes eksperiment.. So apalah sangat Oil n Gas yang selalu mendidih tu kan... 

So... Time2 mencabar ni la kna tingkatkan nilai diri dan nilai2 yang seangkatan dengannya..

Jom kongsi pengalaman bersama..

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Assalamualaikum.. Alhamdulillah.. While searching for meaning in  my daily life I have found few businesses and friends who started very young venturing in business life. They tought me a lot about NEVER GIVE UP.

As I of my mission for 2013 is to increase my efforts as a BETTER Muslim, I force and anticipate myself to follow the Guide in Islam to venture into Rezeki of Business.

This morning I found this good article from http://www.pickthebrain.com/blog/22-reasons-to-never-give-up/ and would love to share it 

22 Reasons To Never Give Up

never give up

At some point in the various journeys we embark on in our lives, we get to a part where we feel like giving up. Sometimes we give up before we even start and other times we give up just before we are about to make that huge break-through that we have been putting so much effort in to achieve.
I have created this list of 22 reasons why you should never give up and I hope that you will find it before you give up, so that I can inspire you to keep going!
1- As Long As You Are Alive Anything Is Possible
The only valid excuse you have to give up is if you are dead. As long as you are alive (and healthy and free) you have the choice to keep trying until you finally succeed.
2- Be Realistic
The chance of mastering something the first time you do it is almost non-existent. Everything takes time to learn and you will make mistakes. Learn from them.
3- Michael Jordan
Arguably the best basketball player of all time. He attributes his success to all his failures. He just never gave up even when he knew he had missed over 300 shots and had missed the  winning shot of the game many times. Every time he got knocked down he got back up again.
4- Lance Armstrong
Lance was diagnosed with serious cancer that had spread throughout his entire body. He had cancer cells the size of golf balls in his lungs. Despite all odds he overcame the cancer and set out to win the Tour de France 6 Consecutive years in a row.
5- Muhammad Ali
“Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee”. Muhammad Ali is one of the best boxers the world has ever known. He suffered only 5 losses while having 56 wins and was the first boxer to win the lineal heavyweight championship three times. This is a guy who literally knows how to get knocked down and get back up.
6- The Man Who Created The Marathon
Very long ago an Athenian herald was sent to Sparta to get help when the Persians landed in Greece. It was said that he ran 240km in 2 days and after that he ran 40km to announce the victory of the Greeks only to collapse and die on the spot from exhaustion. If you ever feel like things are difficult, imagine what it would be like to run 240km in 2 days. (Don’t try that because you might die from it, but use it as an inspiration).
7- Chris Gardner – The Pursuit of Happiness
Have you seen the movie “The Pursuit of Happiness”? It is based on the life story of Chris Gardener, a man who went for the lowest of the lows in an environment where most people would give up (no money, no job) to the highest of the highs (A millionaire with his own investment firm). If you ever think about giving up, watch this movie!
8- Kanye West
I’m pretty sure you have heard of the rapper Kanye West. Read his story. He is a big inspiration for me and proves that you can go from having very little to being among the most famous and respected people in the world.
9- Nelson Mandela
Campaigned for justice and freedom in his South Africa. Spent 20 years in jail for his opposition to apartheid. On release he healed the wounds of apartheid by his magnanimous attitude toward his former political enemies.
10- You Are Strong 
You are stronger than you think. One little setback is not enough to stop you from achieving your goals. Neither are 10 or 100 or 1000 setbacks.
11- Prove Yourself
You don’t want to be known as someone that is weak and gives up. Go out there and prove yourself to the world and to yourself. You CAN and WILL achieve what you set out to do. The only time you fail is when you give up.
12- Has It Been Done Before?
If someone else can do it then so can you. Even if it is only one other person in the world that has achieved what you have set out to achieve, that should be reason enough for you to never give up.
13- Believe In Your Dreams
Don’t sell yourself short. In life there are going to be many people who will try to bring you down and tell you what you want to achieve is not possible. Don’t let anyone destroy your dreams.
14- Your Family and Friends.
Let the people you love and who mean the world to you be your inspiration to persist and persevere. Maybe you need to try a different angle, study more or practice more but don’t give up!
15- Because I Tell You To.
Not that I am any sort of guru or Godly figure, but if you want to give up then don’t. Just because I’m telling you not to.
16- There Are People Worse-Off
Right now there are many people who are in a worse situation and environment than you are right now. Are you thinking about giving up running 5 miles a week? Think about the people who are unable to even walk and how much they would give to be able to run 5 miles every day.
17- Improve Our World
When you achieve whatever you set out to achieve you can use your success to make a difference to the world or other peoples lives.
18- Get Rich or Die Trying
Like Fiddy (50 cent) says, “Get rich or die trying”. 50 Cent is rich, he made it (although he did get shot 9 times). Face your fears and don’t take the easy way out by giving up.
19- Let The Haters Hate
There will always be haters. There will always be plenty of naysayers  and people who try to tear you down. Don’t pay attention to them and don’t take what they say to heart. Let the haters hate and you keep believing in yourself.
20- You Deserve To Be Happy
Don’t ever let anybody tell you otherwise. You deserve to be happy and you deserve to have success. Keep that mindset and never give up until you reach your destination!
21- Inspire Others
Be an inspiration to others by refusing to give up. Who knows what someone else can achieve because you never gave up and in turn inspired them not to give up.
22- You Are So Close
Often when you feel like you want to give up and you are about to give up you are so close to making a huge break-thru. Seth Godin has written an awesome book about this called “The Dip” – a riveting read that teaches that at any given time you are always just a heartbeat away from success.


Yours Truly

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Saturday, 29 December 2012


Assalamualaikum.. lama juga tak update blog. hehehe.. mak buzy tau..!! was pretty occupied with routine that unable me to access line. Sorry to my biz and PB commitment. I am back now!!

so, my first among some unsangkarable December 2012 activities is becoming a runner and bidan terjun in a wedding.. hahahaa.. 

AND PLEASE.. Do notice my favourite polka dot ribbon in those pics k..

This is the bride. The flower that she is holding is my new creativity outcome.. hahahaa.. At last my mother's family blood proven to work in progress in me..

Heiii.. this is always my favourite choc.. At last I own the chance to decorate it like a GOLD castle..yet still look like mine.. opss! mine that to give-away.. hhuhuhhuu..

Okay.. this is the most funny thing. I ever..never.. EVER.. imagine that I have the hand for TEPAK SIRIH. still i give my best when people need me and.. I give my alll.. cutie.. huh..!! hahahaa..

.. another one.. I am proud of my unintention creativity.. I made the fruit look like a pick from a castle. 

Some more... the parfume set.

Bunga rampai.. aka.. potpouri gift set..

So.. PLEASE. There are times that we need to not only understand but ACT according to needs. It's not enough that we do our best; sometimes we have to do what's required like qouted by Sir Winston Churchill.

For Mission 2013

Let's improvise our self towards our Creator, Family n SELF.

Let's increase our self-esteem and self-value

Let's get a better life-warranty RESULT.

Yours Truly

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Friday, 14 December 2012

masa sentiasa meninggalkan kita...

Assalamualaikum... korang tunggu ape lagi... ni lah masa nya nak berubah....
nak jadi isteri yg lebih sihat dan menawan hati suami....
takkan nak simpan lemak2 tuuu.... sy pun sama macam u alls dulu... tapi, lepas suami sy suruh try korset dari PB ni, PERRRRRRGGGGHHHHH.... MEMANG KESANNYA PANTAS! kalau tak percaya cuba tanya irda dan cik juju .. dieorg yang bawa sy kedalam dunia PREMIUM BEAUTIFUL NI...

Memang x rugi kalau cuba, sebab korset ni ada jaminan sepanjang hayat, maksudnya, kita tak perlu risau tentang kerosakkan korset ni!

Pengalaman sy dah pakai korset ni memang menakjubkan! sy pakai g jalan2, kerja, rasa selesa sangat, tak seperti korset yang sy pernah pakai dulu, kita tak rasa BERPELUH atau rengsa bila pakai PB nih!

Jangan risau, jika anda saiz 50inc sekali pun korset ni didatangkan dengan pelbagai saiz, so PB is EASY and SEXY!

untuk maklumat lanjut sila hubungi saya;
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Wednesday, 12 December 2012


 Alhamdulillah... ni la baru dikatakan semangat juang!
tak kira apapun cara kita mesti cuba untuk menjadikan diri kita lebih baik dan hidup lebih bermakna.
macam my sis irda idris ni!! :)

jom mengembara bersama saya ke alam baru yang lebih BERSEMANGAT UNTUK SIHAT, CANTIK DAN BERJAYA!

 Premium Beautiful by  shila ahmad

Tuesday, 11 December 2012



Masa nak tulis entry ni, saya pun gelak sendiri. Seriously, memang nak ber eksperimen dengan PB set ni.. Dah banyak baca testimoni apa yang PB dan mereka dah ber eksperimen dalam hidup mereka tu.. dah ada yang kurus jadi seksi, ada yang chubby nak jadi kurus pun jadi.. bantu wanita2 terpilih tu dengan macam2 masalah kesihatan pun memang miracle la gamaknye.. hehehee..

so, hari ni saya pun pergi la kluar jogging with PB.


Dengan semangat berkobar2, Bismillahhhh... kita pun mulakan langkah...

hey!! jangan tak percaya.. kita dapat rasa badan macam steady je.. yang best nye berpeluh2 pun tak rasa rimas lekit2 yang buat kita rsa ok.... setakat ni je exercise session kita.. hehehee...

Selagi hidup, kita mest berusaha belajar benda-benda baru. Our brain is the most wonder of the world that we own.

CUBA jangan tak cuba PB k...!!


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Sunday, 9 December 2012

We are not a monkey business huh???

Of course it is not a monkey business to start a business. As a start, we just imagine that our MIND and BODY as our business products... how to adapt well in reality life..???

1. PLAN OUR WORK and WORK OUR PLAN. If we plan to status quo at our comfort zone, we MUST HAVE A THOROUGH SURVIVAL PLAN.

 Or if we seek for 'more life'  start planning to EMBARK A PATH that show us to be 'more' 100% OURSELVES.

2. STUDY OUR PLAN and ALWAYS IMPROVISE by putting ourselves as the main product. Do a decision tree of our life (the chosen and uncertain path) and list out where does it head us to...

3. List all the pro's and con's and get someone to discuss. believe that if you are not able to find any good friend among the existing friends, make new friend and tie the common bond.

4. Pray and believe.. Our creator will be with us along the way so long that we seek to improve our being as His 'khalifah'. Have faith that we were guided. Whether we are success or fail, at least He knows that we are trying our best and accept us like no one who will.. Insha Allah!!

....dun wori.. b happy!!

Yours Truly

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Tuesday, 4 December 2012


Teringat masa pergi dinner invitation kat Mandarin Oriental dekat dengan KLCC tu... Datang dari Segamat dengan berkobar-kobar. Nak makan dinner kat hotel katakan.. hahahaaa...gituuu.. lapo la jalan jauh... 

tengok-tengok lak aturcara majlis.. aiikkk.. dinner time bila???

nampak lak ada menu tengah meja.. Alhamdulillah.. confirm ada makan time.. mak pun senyum dengan tak sengaja..ngehngehngehh...

Menunggu dengan penuh debaran... lapooooo...

bayangkan muka I ni bila santapan datang..

pumpkin soup??? with nasi briyani??? argghhh... tidakkkk!!! bagi briyani dengan tomyam boleh 'telan' lagi.. with this..??? oh nehiiii...!!!!!

so... akhir crite ada la gak bit of this and that I just sumbat into my tummy to survive the hunger.. hahahaaa... hati dah sampai kedai mamak PELITA dengan bayang-bayang samar sup ekor bersama roti naan.. perggghhh....

Moral of the story....... kalau lah dah kenal PB masa tu.... mau singgah ke mamak juga lah.. tapi atas sebab diet (konon je...) tahan je la perut yang berbunyi tu... hahahahaa..

With PB on me, I juz makan watever... tapi of course la masih ingat sunnah Nabi s.a.w (Love HIM so much!!)  makan sebelum lapar dan berhenti sebelum kenyang.. 

Ingat juga makanan darat jangan makan dicampur makanan laut. Bahaya untuk kesihatan!!!!

Last but not least... Jaga makanan, Jaga kesihatan.. Tingkatkan amalan, Tingkatkan JUALAN!!

(psttt... Allah janji n Nabi s.a.w kata Rezeki 9/10 dalam perniagaan..)

Bila nak mulaaa??? 


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Alhamdulillah.. November 2012 twins

2012 new twin babies... Kitty n boboy..

Welcome to our family!!! comeyyy... macam kat http://www.arnabkiut.com/

Monday, 3 December 2012

Percaya pada KEKUATAN kita... ATASI kelemahan KITA..

komplimen dari http://www.saudagar.com.my/rahsiaseminarinternet.htm

Acannnneeee niii.... bila nak dapat visitor ramai mcm ni.. Tapi, insha Allah.. Kita cuba buat yea.. Dalam hidup ni yang penting jangan mudah putus asa. 

Memang kita akan dengar komen orang yang macam-macam yang tanpa sedar mereka mencuri ‘jiwa juang’ kita.. Lepas ‘jiwa juang hilang’… Maka datang lah ‘jiwa jiwang’ kita yang membuat kita menangis berhari-hari meratapi nasib…. Nak buek camno..

1.   Pilih lah kawan-kawan yang tidak menyerah kalah menaikkan semangat kita, yang faham perasaan kita bila nak meluah rasa… yang mengingatkan kita betapa dunia ni sementara. Akhirat destinasi akhir kita. Nabi pun kata nikmat dunia ni bila ada rumah yang luas, kenderaan yang baik (2 faktor join Premium Beautiful ni…) dan sahabat yang setia, insha Allah..

2.   Yang penting kalau tak jumpa kawan yang begitu rupa…. Allah sahaja lah yang kita minta menepuk ketenangan jiwa kita.. Dah dikirim Rasullullah S.A.W. menunjukkan jalan bagaimana Allah mahu kita hadapi ujian-ujian dunia..

3.   Disamping itu baiki amalan harian kita.. Bukan ingat diri nak jadi yang terbaik (stress lak nanti..) tapi seorang insan yang selalu cuba membaiki diri.. Tips bersihkan hati yang selalu ustaz beri salah satunye ialah menghafal doa/surah baru dalam setiap 40hari.. haaaa… kan banyak kerja nak bagi otak buat tu berbanding ingat perkara yang bikin hati rungsing..

4.   Tawakal dan percaya lah… Apabila kita letak diri di garisan yang di landaskan… (macam tayar LRT…) Insha Allah.. Tanpa sedar Allah akan bantu dan kirimkan utusan-Nya memudahkan perjalanan kita nanti..


Yours Truly

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